Lesson 15 Valley Forge & the End of the War

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The British army spent the winter of 1778 camped in Philadelphia. Washington's army spent a cold, hungry winter camped at Valley Forge. This was only about 30 miles away from Philadelphia. The American army was short on food and clothing. They had almost no medical supplies. The winter was cold. Many men became sick. Some deserted. Others lost fingers and toes to frostbite.

The Americans got money from France. With this money Congress bought guns, ammunitions, clothing, and good food for the men at Valley Forge. Officers from other countries also come to help train the American army.

By the end of the winter, fighting was taking place in all thirteen colonies. In the northwest, Gorge Rogers Clark was attacking the British forts along the frontier.

John Paul Jones, a famous American sailor, stated, "I have not yet begun to fight!" when asked to surrender. Soon after this the British captured his ship.

In 1780 the Battles of Kings Mountain and Cowpens were fought.

In 1780 Benedict Arnold, a famous general who helped the Americans win at Saratoga, became unhappy and planned to turn the fort at West Point over to the British. He was found out before this took place.

The main battles were still being fought by Washington.

British soldiers led by General Cornwallis went to Virginia. They wanted to take the American army led by Frenchmen Lafayette. The army camped at Yorktown on the coast while waiting for Britain to ship supplies. The French fleet and the new American navy kept the supplies from getting through.

Washington and his army along with French soldiers marched south from New York to meet Lafayette. The two armies met. They surrounded Cornwallis and his British soldiers. Cornwallis surrendered his army to Washington.

On October 9, 1781 after 6 years the Revolutionary War was over. In 1783, the Americans and the British signed a peace treaty in Paris, France.

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