Lesson 11 Famous People

Nathan Hale
Nathan Hale was the first American spy hung by the British during the Revolution. Hal was a schoolteacher from South Coventry, Connecticut. He volunteered to go behind the British lines and obtain information. He passed through their lines disguised as a Dutch schoolteacher. He gathered the information, hid it in the lining on his shoe sole, and was returning to Connecticut when he was captured by the British. They found the information in his shoe and hanged him for treason on September 22, 1776.

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Molly Pitcher

Her real name was Mary Ludwig. She followed her husband onto the battlefield where she cooked, washed, and sewed for the men. Molly even brought cool water to them in her pitcher, so the men nicknamed her "Molly Pitcher." After the war, Molly was given a yearly pension of $40.00 from the government in gratitude for her service.

Other famous women of the American Revolution:

Abigail Adams Anne Bailey Margaret Corbin
Lydia Darragn Mary Katherine Goddard Sybil Ludington
Mary Pickersgill Deborah Sampson Phillis Wheatley

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