Activities for Lesson 2

Give each student 10 small pieces of candy such as Skittles. Tell them they are not to eat the candy until the activity is completed. Appoint roles to three students. One is the King of England, one represents the Parliament, and one the tax collector. Students must pay the tax collector one piece of candy for possessing the following items:

  • jeans

  • glasses

  • jewelry

  • running shoes

  • pens

  • T shirts

After the tax collector collects the candy, he receives 10%. The tax collector gives 50% of the collected "taxes" to the representative from Parliament for running the Empire, and the King receives 40% of the "taxes". After all the taxes have been collected, discuss how the students feel. Then relate this back to the colonists.

Have the students pretend they are American colonists in 1775. Have them write a letter to the British Parliament trying to convince them to repeal the Intolerable Acts.

Discuss what reaction each of the following Americans would have on the Stamp Act:

  • Paul Revere (Leader of the Sons of Liberty - Boston Tea Party)

  • King George (Thinks taxes are wonderful idea - Americans should pay the expenses of the French and Indian War. After all wasn't it fought on American soil?)

  • Ben Franklin (Ambassador  - Tried to reason with the Parliament but was laughed at)

  • Patrick Henry ("I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death.")

  • Sam Adams (walker and talker - warning shopkeepers, people in taverns, etc. not to trust England)

Have students think of ways to be taxed.