Activities for Lesson 10

Have students look at a copy of the Declaration of Independence. Point out the size of John Hancock's signature. Why is this significant? Have a contest to see which student can make a John Hancock look-alike signature.

Make a bar graph telling whether each student would be a Patriot, Loyalist or is yet undecided.

Make a quill with a long feather. Ten inches is a good length. First soak the quill in warm, soapy water for about 15 minutes. Next trim off two inches off the bottom of the quill. Cut the quill at an angle. Use a straight pin to clean out the inside to the feather. Cut a small slit at the point for the ink to flow. Dip the quill in an inkwell. Blot the excess ink onto a piece of  felt. Now you are ready to write.

Videos Appropriate for this Lesson

Watch the musical video 1776.

TLC Elementary School:  Early America:  Thomas Jefferson and the Declaration of Independence

American History for Children:  The Story of the Declaration of Independence

American History for Children: The Story of the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall

Tell Me Why Americana:  The Liberty Bell