The Tale of Despereaux

by Kate DiCamillo

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Book Information

Publication Date: September 8, 2009

Reading Level: Lexile Measure 670L, Scholastic Guided Reading Level U

Interest Level: Grades 3-5

Major Awards: 2004 Newbery Medal

Number of Pages: 273 pages

Approximate Word Count: 82,960 words

Audible Book Length: 3 hrs and 30 mins

Book Themes: Compassion and Forgiveness, Family, Isolation, Loyalty, Revenge, Lies and Deceit, Courage, Principles

Genre: fantasy, quest

Setting: Fictional Setting - The Kingdom of Dor

Important Quote: Stories are light. Light is precious in a world so dark.

“Once upon a time,” he said out loud to the darkness. He said these words because they were the best, the most powerful words that he knew and just the saying of them comforted him.

First Line: The story begins within the walls of a castle, with the birth of a mouse.

Point of View: First Person (Peripheral Narrator - told from the perspective of a narrator who isn't directly involved with the story)

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