Inuit (Eskimo) Crafts

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Background Information
Scrimshaw is a famous technique used by the Inuit. The Inuit engraved pictures that told stories in ivory and then rubbed the carving with lampblack. Have the students make a scrimshaw picture.


  1. Prepare plaster of Paris and pour it into an empty meat Styrofoam container.
  2. Wait approximately five minutes for the plaster of Paris to be almost hard. Then scratch a scene using paper clips or a dull pencil.
  3. When the picture is finished, allow the plaster of become completely hard. Next rub a small amount of black shoe polish across the finished engraving.
  4. Wait about 24 hours before removing the plaster from the meat tray.
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Great background information and directions for making an Athabascan Birch Bark Basket:


Students simply painted Inuit designs onto wooden disks. The disk was glued onto a piece of leather so the amulet could be worn around the neck.





This igloo was made with sugar cubes. They were glued onto foam with cotton balls for snow.




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