Enjoy these activities to help teach the skill Compare and Contrast to your students.

Compare and Contrast Anchor Chart
Frosty vs. Rudolph Anchor Chart





Compare and Contrast Organizers

These organizer may be used for many compare and contrast activities including the following comparing and contrasting:

  • different characters
  • settings
  • plots
  • fictional stories to their nonfictional counterpart


    Teach Compare and Contrast using Songs

    This blog post contains the following Youtube videos embedded for students to compare and compare and contrast:

  • Let it Go vs. Towards the Sun
  • When You Wish Upon a Star vs. Somewhere Out There
  • Hakuna Matata vs. Don’t Worry Be Happy
  • Rise Up vs. Shake It Off
  • Roar vs. Eye of the Tiger

    The post also contains a pdf handout with a list of suggested songs for the different text structures. The handout also includes some general organizers that students may be used with the songs.




    Text Structures