Enjoy these activities to help teach the skill Compound Words to your students.

Compound Words

This anchor chart takes literally two minutes to create. On a large piece of paper, write the title and definition for compound words. Using large sticky notes, write compound words divided into parts.

For an easy class activity, pass out the sticky notes. Students must walk around the room and find another student whose sticky note will go together with the one s/he is holding to form a compound word. The students place the two sticky notes together on the anchor chart.

Another version of this activity that works really well as a small group activity is to place all the sticky notes randomly on a board. Students search through the sticky notes to pair up words that create compound words and place them on the anchor chart.

Spelling City has spelling lists by grade level. Look for the compound word lists.

This free organizer contains one example word followed by four spaces for students to add additional compound words. Because the organizer may be used with any words, it works well for differentiated instruction and with a number of grade levels.

If you are looking for more practice with compound words try this:

Compound Word Chains

Compound Word Chains

This teaching set contains cards to make 14 compound word chains. To make the chain each word forms the end of one compound word and the beginning of another.

For example:

campfire > fireplace > placecard > cardboard > boardgame > gameplay > playtime > timeout

Sheet for Recording Answers

[The pictures in the bottom corner of the cards are used to not only keep sets together, but also help if using the cards in a center. Once students complete the activity, they record their answers on the page provided by writing the words next to the matching image.]




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