Activities for British Explorers

  1. Add the British explorers and events to your timeline.

  2. Complete the following pirate activities:

    1. Make a pirate snack. Slice an orange into wedges. Cut a snack bar into small pieces. Next thread the snack bar onto toothpicks. Stick the toothpicks into the orange wedges for sails.

    2. Make a pirate hat. Unfold a cereal box and lay it flat with the printed side down. Cut away one narrow side of the box and both flaps. Next draw a rounded   M-shape on the front and back of the box. Cut on the M-shape. Refold the box with the plain side out. Decorate the hat with paint and construction paper.

  3. Make a model of the ocean. Pour plaster of Paris onto a thick piece of cardboard. With a straw gently blow over the surface to form waves. You must work quickly before the plaster of Paris dries. After it does dry, paint the ocean.

  4. Take the quiz on British explorers.