Why did the English come to America?

Students Dress
up as Famous Colonists

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1607 - British settled Jamestown in Virginia. Jamestown Activities Quiz
sm_pilgrim.jpg (4136 bytes) 1620 - Pilgrims settled in Plymouth, Massachusetts The Pilgrims Activities Quiz
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Roger Williams
1630 - Puritans came to Boston, Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

1636 - Connecticut and Rhode Island were settled.

The Puritans Activities Quiz
sm_middle.jpg (4232 bytes) 1623 - New Netherlands settled. (In 1626 this became New York.) 

1638 Delaware 1664 New Jersey

The Middle Colonies Activities Quiz
sm_quaker.jpg (3882 bytes) 1682 Quakers came to the New World. Settled in Pennsylvania The Quakers Activities Quiz
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James Oglethorpe

1653 -Carolina

1670 -South Carolina

1733 -Georgia

The Southern Colonies Activities Quiz
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Daniel Boone
Daniel Boone was born.
Life as a Trapper Activities
Other Famous Colonists
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George Washington
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Paul Revere
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Betsy Ross
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Benjamin Franklin

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Thomas Jefferson



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