Activities with Life as a Trapper


  1. Build a model of a log cabin.

Make a "Coonskin" Hat

Scene from our Daniel Boone Movie


We used faux fur to make this "coonskin" hat. First cut an oval shape from the piece of faux fur approximately 9 inches long and 7 inches wide. Next cut a long strip of fur 4 inches wide by 26 inches long. Begin in the center back of the hat. Sew the long strip to the oval with right sides together. After stitching around the entire circle sew the two ends of the long strip together. Trim off any excess. To make the tail dye a piece of the faux fur with shoe polish in stripes to resemble a coon's tail. Roll the piece of fur in a cylinder shape. Sew one end to the back of the hat on the inside where the rough edges will not show.

This version is cotton balls glued onto paper bags and spray painted.


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