Activities with the Middle Colonies



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Make a model of a colonial kitchen. Include some to the following objects:  a fire place, kettles in the fire place, a musket and powder horn (hanging above the mantel), spinning wheel, churn, candles, wooden benches and table, cradle, etc.



The Middle Colonies were known as the Bread Colonies. Grains and cattle were raised in these colonies. You can enjoy bread with your own homemade butter.

Directions:  Allow cream to sit at room temperature for about an hour. Pour the cream into a glass jar. Shake the jar until the butter begins to form (about 25 minutes). Remove the solid butter and wash it under cold running water. Pack the butter in a dish.

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We poured our soap into fruit shaped molds.
Make soap.

Make a colonial rag doll by tying a piece of yarn to form the head and arms on a dish towel.

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