"The Fall of Richmond, Virginia, on the Night of April 2nd 1865"

Date Event Causalities Summary
February 6 Lee becomes general   Lee became General in Chief of the South.
April 2

Petersburg and Richmond

7,750 General Grant and General Meade's Army moved to the south of Richmond. During the winter of 1864-65 the Union army attacked many times, but could not break through. After nine months General Lee was forced to retreat toward Lynchburg giving up both Petersburg and Richmond. The Confederate burned Richmond before leaving to keep the Union from getting equipment and supplies.
April 9 Appomattox Courthouse 700 General Lee surrendered to General Grant at Appomattox Courthouse, Virginia.

Confederate soldiers were allowed to keep their belongings including pistols and horses and could return home.

April 14 Lincoln's assassination   On Good Friday, April 14 Lincoln was assassinated. He was attending a performance at Ford's Theatre in Washington, D. C. The assassin was and actor named John Wilkes Booth. After twelve days of running Booth was fatally shot. He had been part of a group of co-conspirators including Lewis Powell, Lewis Payne, who stabbed Secretary of State Seward that same night. Seward lived. After a manhunt for the eight conspirators four were hanged and the four others were imprisoned.
April 26 Johnston surrenders   Johnston surrendered to Sherman.
May 4 Confederates surrender   Confederate forces in Alabama and Mississippi surrendered.
May 11 Davis's capture   Jefferson Davis was captured near Georgia.
May 26 Confederates surrender   The last Confederate troops surrendered.
No Victory or NA

Confederate Victory
Union Victory
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