First Battle of Bull Run


Date Event Causalities Summary
April 14 Fort Sumter 0 The Confederate States wanted to force the US Army to leave Fort Sumter. There was forty hours of continuous shelling before the fort fell to the South. By this time one-fifth of the fort was on fire. The Southern commander, General Pierre G. T. Beauregard, gave permission for all the Union troops to leave safely and the Southern troops took over the fort.
April 15 President Lincoln Calls for Army Volunteers   President Lincoln asked for only three months' service from each volunteer.
April 19 Blockade   Lincoln proclaimed a blockade of the South.
May 21 Confederate Capitol   Richmond, Virginia was chosen for the Confederate Capital.
July 21 First Battle of Bull Run 2,900 This was the first great battle of the Civil War. The battle was fought at Manassas Junction near Bull Run Creek, only 30 miles south of Washington, D. C. Many Congressmen and their wives watched from behind the battle lines. The Union guns shot first attacking General Beauregard's troops. Confederate reinforcements arrived by train wearing blue uniforms. After confusion set in the North was defeated and retreated to the capital. President Lincoln asked for more volunteers.

No Victory or NA

Confederate Victory
Union Victory

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