Study Guide for Vocabulary

compromise  -  a way to settle an argument when both sides give a little to get a part of what they want
fugitive  -  running away or fleeing, as from the law
slavery  -  the state of one bound in servitude as the property of a household
rebellion  -  defiance toward an authority
abolition  -  act of doing away with
repeal  -  to revoke, recall, or reverse
arsenal  -  governmental establishment for the storing war materials
telegraph  -  communications system that transmits and receives simple unmodulated electric impulses
secede  -  withdraw formally from membership in an organization
opposition  -  being in conflict
confederate  -  to band together
rebel  -  oppose by force an established government
union  -   the United States of America regarded as a national unit
Yankee  -  inhabitant of a northern U.S. state
emancipation  -  act of setting free from the power