Quiz on Lesson 8
Abe Lincoln

   1. The main issue of the election for President in 1860 was:

  1. how many new states should be made.
  2. whether to make a railroad from S. Louis to California.
  3. slavery.
  4. whether to print more U. S. dollars.

   2. During the election campaign, Lincoln was in favor of:

  1. freeing all the slaves.
  2. allowing slavery everywhere in the United States.
  3. no slavery in the territories and new states, but keeping it in the states where it already was.
  4. passing a new Kansas-Nebraska Act.

   3. Lincoln was afraid that the slavery issue would:

  1. lead to a break-up of the Union, with the southern states forming a new nation.
  2. kill thousands of white people.
  3. spread to Canada and Europe.
  4. cause England to go to war with the United States.