Quiz on Lesson 5
Kansas-Nebraska Act and the Dred Scott Case

   1. This lesson was mainly about:

  1. a slave named Dred Scott was freed by the Supreme Court.
  2. runaway slaves had to be returned to the South.
  3. the question of slavery was splitting up the Union.

   2. Warfare broke out in "Bleeding Kansas" over

  1. whether people from the North or the South should be allowed to come there.
  2. whether Uncle Tom's Cabin was a good book or not.
  3.  whether the state should be slave or free.

   3. The Dred Scott case was decided by the Supreme Court. The court said that:

  1. Scott was a free man.
  2. a slave was property and could not sue anyone.
  3. slavery was to be outlawed in the state Scott came from.
  4. Scott should never have been made a slave.

   4. The ___________Act created two new states and repealed the Compromise of 1850.

  1. Kansas-Nebraska
  2. Compromise of 1854
  3. Bleeding Kansas

   5. The big issue in the Presidential election of 1856 was ______________.

  1. the railroad
  2. slavery
  3. emigrants coming to America

   6. The Presidential election of 1856 was won by _________________ .

  1. Dred Scott
  2. James Buchanan
  3. William Lloyd Garrison