Literature for Lesson 9

Vocabulary for Lesson 9


Find 6 words or groups of words that mean the same as secede.

withdraw bring together resign leave connect unite
link together separate join abandon retire belong



Brown Paper School USKids History:  Book of the American Civil War
  "The Civil War Begins" pg. 53 - 57
by Howard Egger-Boet and Marlene Smith-Baranzini

Key Battles of the Civil War pg. 8-9
by Diane Smolinski

Scholastic Encyclopedia of the Civl War pg. 24 - 25
by Catherine Clinton


...If You Lived at the Time of the Civil War
By Kay Moore
AR Reading Level 5.0 Point Value 3.0


Show the following clips from North and South Mini Series (Approximately 13 minutes)

Speech on Succession
Lincoln prepares his First Inaugural Speech
Fort Sumter
Lincoln asks for volunteers
Parting scene

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