Literature for Lesson 11

Vocabulary for Lesson 11


Find 6 words or groups of words that mean the same as union.

disunion brotherhood disunity society conflict connection
confederation disruption splitting alliance federation division


Find 6 words or groups of words that mean the same as Yankee.

American Northerner Confederate Rebel an inhabitant of the Northern States a nickname for Northerners
Southerner an inhabitant of the Southern States American soldier an American who lives in the North a nickname for Southerners an American who lives in the South



Cecil's Story
By George Ella Lyon
AR Reading Level 1.9 Point Value 0.5

Red Legs:  A Drummer Boy of the Civil War
by Ted Levin

AR Reading Level 3.9 Point Value 0.5

This picture book tells the story of Civil War of Stephen Benjamin Barrow of the 14th Regiment, Company E of Brooklyn, New York, Union Army. 

The Gettysburg Address
By Abraham Lincoln, Michael McCurdy (Illustrator)

Charley Waters goes to Gettysbury
  Susan Sinnott,  Dorothy Handelman (Illustrator)
AR Reading Level 4.5 Point Value 0.5

Join Charley and his dad as Civil War reenactors to learn more about what life was like for soldiers fighting in the Civil War. History comes alive through the color photographs of this eight-year-old's participation in the 135th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg.


Show clips from North and South Book II (approximately 24 minutes).

Union Army retreating from bull Run
Discussion of the Battle of Manssases
Discussion of the surrender at Fort Donelson
Talking of taking Richmond
Lincoln talks about General McClellan and an Emancipation Proclamation
Battle at Antietam Creek
Grant is asked to be Commander of Union Army
Lincoln gives Emancipation Proclamation
Discussion between Orry and Josh about marching on Pennsylvania


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