Literature for Lesson 11

Vocabulary for Lesson 11


Find 6 words or groups of words that mean the same as confederate.

band together traitor enemy allied war joined
separate connected linked turncoat united spy


Find 6 words or groups of words that mean the same as rebel.

uprising peace maker revolt joint combat connection
approve fight applaud oppose renegade aid



Drummer Boy:  Marching to the Civil War
by Ann Turner, Mark Hess (illustrator)
AR Reading Level 3.8 Point Value 0.5

A 13 year-old soldier coming of age during the American Civil War beats his drum to raise commands and spirits and muffle the sounds of the dying.

The Blue and the Gray
by Eve Bunting
AR Reading Level 3.0 Point Value 0.5

As a black boy and his white friend watch the construction of a house which will make them neighbors on the site of a Civil War battlefield, they agree that their homes are monuments to that war.

Diary of a Drummer Boy
by Marlene Targ Brill,  Michael Garland (illustrator)
AR Reading Level 4.9 Point Value 1.0

This is a compelling fictional account of a fifteen-year-old boy drawn to the excitement of fighting in the Civil War

*A Picture Book of Robert E. Lee
by David A. Adler
AR Reading Level 5.7  Point Value  0.5


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