Was My Brother in the Battle?
by Steven Foster

Tell me, tell me weary soldier
From the rude and stirring wars,
Was my brother in the battle
Where you gained those noble scars?
He was ever brave and valiant,
And I knew he never fled,
Was his name among the wounded
Or numbered with the dead?
Was my brother in the battle,
When the tide of war ran high?
You would know him in a thousand
By his dark and flashing eye.


Tell me, tell me weary soldier,
Will he never come again,
Did he suffer mid' the wounded
Or die among the slain?

Was my brother in the battle
When the noble Highland host
Were so wrongfully outnumbered
On the Carolina coast;
Did he struggle for the Union
'mid the thunder and the rain,
Till he fell among the brave
On a bleak Virginia plain?
Oh, I'm sure that he was dauntless
And his courage ne'er would lag
While contending for the honor
Of our dear and cherished flag.

Was my brother in the battle
When the flag of Erin came
To the rescue of our banner
And protection of our fame,
While the fleet from off the waters
Poured out terror and dismay
Till the bold and erring foe
Fell like leaves on an Autumn day?
When the bugle called to the battle
And the cannon deeply roared,
Oh! I wish I could have seen him
Draw his sharp and glittering sword.


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