Activities for Lesson 8

Have students write reports about Abraham Lincoln's life from the books they have read. Then place the reports in a stovepipe hat, the way Lincoln stored his reports.

To make a stovepipe cut the flap off a 6" by 9" manila envelope. Glue it to the back of a piece of black construction paper. Trim the construction paper to make a hat shape. Glue the hat onto the top of a flesh colored piece of construction paper.   Then have each student draw a picture of Lincoln under the hat.

Visit these web sites:

History Place - Abraham Lincoln
read the Gettysburg Address, look at Civil War photographs and others, and learn more about the 16th president.

Abraham Lincoln Research Site
biography of this President that includes photographs and many stories about Lincoln's life, family, and pets.


Lesson Plan Sites

ProTeacher:  Abraham Lincoln Lesson Plans

From the Wilderness to the Whitehouse
Assemble a time line of the key events in Abraham Lincoln's life.


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