Lesson 13 Early Battles

Many of the early battles took place around New York City. Washington's army fought the British on Long Island and lost. They had to retreat first to New York City and then to Pennsylvania.

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Fort Ticonderoga

On May 10, 1775 a group of American soldiers from Vermont called the Green Mountain Boys attacked the British Fort Ticonderoga near Lake Champlain. The group was led by Ethan Allen. Allen surprised the British at the fort. Allen called out for their surrender. The commander asked in whose name. Allen replied, "In the name of the Great Jehovah and the Continental Congress." The fort surrendered.

Fort Ticonderoga had forty cannons. The cannons were needed in Boston 200 miles away. General Knox sent his men to see if the cannons could be brought back. The men left Fort Ticonderoga on December 17, 1775 and brought the cannons to Cambridge on January 24, 1776.

In March 1776, the cannons were taken up Dorchester Heights, a hill overlooking the Boston Harbor. During the night 2000 people worked to get the guns in place. They built a fake fort to protect them. When the British awakened in the morning, they looked at the guns of Dorchester Heights and all 6000 British soldiers sailed from Boston without a fight.

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