English   --- Rhyming Words

Activity 1

Rhyming words - Words that end with the same sound.

Oral Activity -  Have students name words that rhyme with holes while the teacher makes a list on the board.

bowls strolls    
coals tolls    
moles consoles    
polls controls    
rolls creoles    
scrolls enrolls    
shoals paroles    
souls Nicole's    

Point out to students that rhyming words may or may not end with the same letters, and that not all words that end with the same letters rhyme.


storm  worm

Activity 2

Divide the class into 3 to 4 groups. Have each group write words that rhyme with a given word for one minute. See which group can come up with the most rhyming words. Here are a few words to try.

incarcerate contrite  
bait date bite blight    
freight gate bright fight    
great hate flight fright    
late mate height kite    
plate straight knight night    
trait weight plight quite    
abate create sight site    
await overweight slight tight    
tolerate overrate white write    
desecrate interstate alight alright    
reinstate deflate delight despite    
inflate irate excite invite    
sedate elate recite tonight    
Kuwait berate upright uptight    
debate dictate overexcite      
innate    reunite      

Activity 3 - Worksheet

Circle all of the words that rhyme with the given word.

1.  dig
stag renege twig leg
2.  shovel
hovel prevail show hole
3.  treasure
gold leisure measure Sachar
4.  lizard
wizard blizzard rig gizzard
5.  onion
when Bunyon cry inhale
6.  thumb
some succumb dirt plum
7.  desert
concert squirt unhurt mild
8.  steal
building Brazil Lucille appeal
9.  camper
bored tamper green scamper
10.  tent
torment zero redo circumvent

Activity 4

Listen to Artist: D-Tent Boys Song: Dig It (CD version)

Examples of Rhyming Patterns.

You've got to go and dig those holes, A
Man, I'm tired of this B
With broken hands and withered souls, A
Emancipated from all you know, C
You've got to go and dig those holes. A

Two suits two tokens in hand  A
Got no respect cause' I'm the new man B
Got my shovel, shoes full of sand A
Check out the tag the name is Caveman B


Take a bad boy make him dig 5 feet, A
The dirt in these shovels will give us a beat A
Ok you gotta find somethin' never found before B
If not, we'll just have to dig some more. B


Discussion -

Activity 5

Show the rhyming pattern for each of the following.


Your hands may blister.
Your muscles stay sore.
You wanna break-
Knock on the warden's door.
Man I forgot about being tir



A-R-M P-I to the T
What is that you smellin?
Dawg, that's me
I don't take showers and I don't brush my teeth
All I do is dig holes, eat, and sleep


Listen to Artist: Shaggy Song: Keepin' It Real

When I was young
I use to dream of being rich
Have a lot of houses and cars
Couldn't know which one was which
And finding me a chick and getting hitched
Living the fairy tale life perfect without a ditch
You think that this would bring me happiness
If at the end of every rainbow
There was a treasure chest
Sometimes having more is really less
So take a look inside yourself
You'll realize you're really blessed
No matter how you're sad and blue
There's always someone who has it worse than you
Sometimes you gotta pay your dues
So don't worry just push on through



And I forgot to have myself the house, the mansion, and the Benz.
I'm not the type of brother who be making mad ends.
I got myself a girl but we be kickin' it as friends.
Is not enough for me now that depends.
Again- not everything you want is everything you really need.
The standard of society is more devoted by greed.
Are you prepared to follow?
Tell me are you prepared to lead.
So persevere and you'll succeed.



Listen to Artist: Fiction Plane  Song: If only

The old manís been stealiní
Sheís holding her grievance for a hundred-odd years
We all keep believiní
That history repeats itself year after year



All I fear's that the future is worse
We have to give in to the hundred-year curse
Sweat in the sun like weíre digging a grave
Dig deep enough and our fortune we'll save



If only, if only
The woodpecker sighs
The bark on the trees was as soft as the skies
As the wolf waits below hungry and lonely
He cries to the mo-oo-n
If only, if only



Chasing the sky
A beautiful wife
You'll make mistakes
And itís my back that breaks
And forever my past steals my life
To submission Iím beat
But thereís hope beneath these feet



Blisters and blood
And the sun makes you blind
Donít let it eat
Till it canít help but be kind
Cause you know whatís important
With your back to the wall



You can break metal chains
And youíre friends donít let you fall
Iím a soul
But I find myself lent
That is no use
When Iím finding my history, finding my history
I am no plane, Iím more like a feather
That is no use
When Iím finding my history, finding my history
I am no plane, Iím more like a feather
But I canít fly away without finding myself