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Enjoy this free printable 20 by 30 inch plot development anchor chart. In just minutes you can print, assemble, and have the anchor chart ready for use.

Get it free from Teachers Pay Teachers.

Two versions are available.



If your are interested in additional materials on plot development, this product may be purchased at Teachers Pay Teachers.


~~Sample Pages~~

This series includes the following:

Mini posters with definitions, rules, and information

Foldable organizers help students learn rules and strategies for plot development. (Two to three versions of each organizer are provided; one with blanks for students to write their own sentences; one with the sentences provided but with blank spaces for students to write in key words; and one with the answers provided. The third copy of the organizer may be used as an answer key, for differentiated instruction, for students who were absent during instruction, or if you wish for the students to have the sentences already completed.)

Activity 1 ~ Plot Development using Television Theme Songs which tell the Back Stories

Activity 2 ~ Story Mapping ~ Fairy Tales for Story Mapping

Activity 3 ~ Comparing Stories (All stories and poems are included.)
o 3rd Grade (The Tales of Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny)
o 4th 5th Grades (The Story of the Engine that Thought it Could, The Pony Engine, Poems Try, Try Again, and Casey at the Bat)
o 5th 6th Grades (Casey at the Bat and The Cowardly Lion from The Wizard of Oz
o Full Page Version of Stories

Activity 4 ~ Select a Story

Activity 5 ~ Illustrate a Story