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My students have really enjoyed my wall of anchor charts. I change them often, and find students notice right away when a new chart is displayed.

The flip charts hang from large, removable Command hooks (5 pound weight capacity) by a ribbon which is attached to a wooden dowel suspended by book rings.




Here are a few details if you would like to create a similar look for your classroom:

  • Bows were made from five different colors of 1 1/4 inch grosgrain ribbon with white polka dots.
  • I purchased 1 1/2 yards of each color.
  • Each ribbon was cut into two pieces of approximately 1 yard and 1/2 yard.
  • The one yard piece was tied in a double bow (4 loops).
  • The extra 1/2 yard was threaded through the knot of the bow. At the ends of shorter piece of ribbon, I created loops for the dowels to slide through.
  • After experimenting with hot glue, I found it was impossible to make the two pieces hang evenly, so I used large safety pins to make a loop a the ends of the ribbon for the dowel to slide through.
  • I purchased an assortment pack of book rings to hang the charts. There are advantages to using both the small and the large book rings. The small rings do not need to be removed from the flip chart when turning the pages; however, the smaller rings are more difficult to slide on and off the dowels. The larger rings are easy to slide on and off the dowels; however, they must be opened to flip pages in the chart. As you open and close the rings repeatedly, their fit becomes loose.

Anchor Charts -Great way to hang anchor charts. Directions for creating bows, attaching charts to dowels, & hanging from wall.