Literature for Lesson 7

Vocabulary for Lesson 7


Find 6 words or groups of words that mean the same as arsenal.

arms depot armory house president arms plant weapons factory
army post soldier military storehouse ammunition dump furniture slave



John Brown and the Fight Against Slavery (Gateway Civil Rights)
by James L. Collins

John Brown was one of the most daring men in the history of civil rights. He hated slavery. His attempts to free the slaves cost a number of lives and helped, indirectly, to bring on the Civil War.

John Brown (On My Own Biographies)
by Thomas Streissguth, Ralph L. Ramstad (Illustrator), Tom Streissguth


Show the following clips from North and South Mini Series (Approximately 25 minutes)

Argument about slavery
New Orleans rallying people to the South Carolina Cause
Train ride throught Maryland showing the friction between the North and South
Harper's Ferry

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