Lesson Plans for Civil War Unit

Day 1 - Compromises of 1820 and 1850

Lecture - Go over notes for Lesson 1  compromise_of_1850.htm

Have students color maps illustrating the Missouri Compromise and the Compromise of 1850. Compare the two.

Source for Map of Compromise of 1850  http://chnm.gmu.edu/7tah/unitdocs/unit12/pdfs/unit12.pdf

Quiz over Lecture

Day 2 - Slavery

Show video Reading Rainbow "Follow the Drinking Gourd". Discuss the meaning of the song.

Example from Follow the Drinkin' Gourd

When the sun come back and the first quail calls,
Follow the Drinkin' Gourd,
For the old man's waitin' for to carry you to freedom,
If you follow the Drinkin' Gourd.

The meaning:

At sunset you will hear someone make a sound like a quail. If you head north in the direction of the North Star you will find someone waiting to lead you along the Underground Railroad to freedom in the North.

Other examples:

heaven / home a better life in the North
Jesus / Lord Harriet Tubman or another conductor of the Underground Railroad
chariot the Underground Railroad
drinkin' gourd the Big Dipper
Judgment Day time of  escape

Lecture - Go over notes for Lesson 2  slavery.htm

Quiz over Lecture

Read "Nettie's Trip South

Discuss the reasons the Southerners felt slaves were necessary.  (including cotton plantations)

Have students glue cotton balls to picture of cotton plant. http://ipm.ncsu.edu/cotton/InsectCorner/photos/cotton.htm

Day 3 - Rebellion

Divide the students in the classroom arbitrarily by one of the following (shoe color, bus rider or pick up, etc.). Without giving any rationale, tell the first group that they will get candy. Don't respond to the other students cries of unfairness or questioning. Discuss the feelings of discriminating.

Lecture - Go over notes for Lesson 3  rebellion.htm

Quiz on Lecture

Read Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt -  Have students make a freedom quilt http://www.smv.org/pubs/UndergrdRRK4d.pdf

Day 4 - Abolitionists

Lecture - Go over notes for Lesson 4  abolitionists.htm

Quiz on Lecture

Show video - Animated Hero Classics Harriet Tubman

Assign each student one abolitionist to make a poster about.

Day 5 - Kansas-Nebraska Act and Dred Scott Case

Lecture - Go over notes for Lesson 5  kansasnebraska_act.htm

Give quiz over notes.

Take a blank map of the United States. Make a color key. Color the map according to the following regions in the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854.

Compare this map to the maps of 1820 and 1850.

Day 6 - Abe Lincoln

Lecture - Go over notes for Lessons 6 and 8.  lincoln_douglas.htm and  abe_lincoln.htm

Give quiz over notes.

Worksheets on Abe Lincoln from The Mailbox Magazine

Read A Picture Book of Abe Lincoln and/or Abe Lincoln's Hat. Then make a stovepipe hat.

Day 7 - Harper's Ferry and Fort Sumter

Lecture - Go over notes for Lessons 7 and 9  harpers_ferry.htm and  confederacy.htm

Give quiz over notes.

Show Harper's Ferry and Fort Sumter clips from North and South.

Day 8 - The Civil War

Lecture - Discuss main events of the Civil War

Read Pink and Say

Show clips from North and South Book II

Create a battle scene with plastic figures.