Activities for Lesson 8

Have students write reports about Abraham Lincoln's life from the books they have read. Then place the reports in a stovepipe hat, the way Lincoln stored his reports.

To make a stovepipe cut the flap off a 6" by 9" manila envelope. Glue it to the back of a piece of black construction paper. Trim the construction paper to make a hat shape. Glue the hat onto the top of a flesh colored piece of construction paper.   Then have each student draw a picture of Lincoln under the hat.

Visit these web sites:

Abraham Lincoln for Primary Children

History Place - Abraham Lincoln
read the Gettysburg Address, look at Civil War photographs and others, and learn more about the 16th president.

Life of Abraham Lincoln
from a first-grade class in South Berwick, Maine.

Abraham Lincoln Online  
history, anecdotes, quizzes and more about former U.S. President Lincoln.

Civil War: Abraham Lincoln
biography of his life and leadership in the Civil War from a ThinkQuest site.

Abraham Lincoln Research Site
biography of this President that includes photographs and many stories about Lincoln's life, family, and pets.

Abraham Lincoln: Sixteenth President 1861-1865
from the official White House site.

Lesson Plan Sites

Lesson Exchange:  Abraham Lincoln

ProTeacher:  Abraham Lincoln Lesson Plans

From the Wilderness to the Whitehouse
Assemble a time line of the key events in Abraham Lincoln's life.


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